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Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends updates Smuggler slicing and weapon ‘freedom of skin’ system

Digital goods are fundamental to the gaming industry, but what happens when players can buy them in-game? This is a new question that Star Wars Galaxies recently answered with its first major update since going rogue. Whether it be slicing off someone else’s character for profit or becoming more powerful than your opponents without paying anything extra, this system has ignited controversy among fans and developers alike.

The “swg legends smuggler guide” is a website that is dedicated to the Star Wars Galaxies rogue server. The site has information on how to play as a smuggler, and it also includes information about the new system of slicing and weapon freedom of skin.


Smugglers, if the recent slicing change in SWG Legends didn’t do it for you, I’m not sure why you’re a Smuggler. In any event, the December update includes even more Smuggler goodies for you, including further slicing improvements and a revamped weapon skinning system that everyone will enjoy.

The popular Star Wars Galaxies NGE rogue server patched in many updates this week, including the weapon “freedom of skin” upgrade, as ordered by the game’s elected senators.

“Heroics, world bosses, and Bounty Hunter missions will now drop new Appearance Damage Bonus Bits and Elemental Damage Bonus Bits. All non-heroic 2% weapons will have an optional slot for a new appearance bonus bit, which will boost the appearance damage bonus by 2%. (depending on experimented quality during crafting). […] This is NOT a RETROACTIVE modification. Weapons that have previously been manufactured will not get appearance damage or range enhancements. These enhancements will only be available on weapons produced after the release of this version. The Weaponsmith’s Profession Wheel now contains a new Weapon Elemental Kit Schematic. This kit adds a +1 elemental damage boost to any weapon that doesn’t already have one. This may be used with current weaponry.”

You should go through the whole list according on your playstyle, since there are various exceptions for particular weapons, such as pistol range and heavy weapons bonuses.

What about the slicing modifications I mentioned earlier? The patch notes state that “the impact of slicing on improvements has been enhanced across all levels.” Vayerbok now works (yeah), slicing chances have been enhanced at higher levels, slicing prices have been modified, and the weapon’s skill modifications have been better shown.

The November 2021 update is now available! Before you start playing, make sure your launcher is up to current! The patch notes may be found in the following thread: #SWGLegends #StarWarsGalaxies #StarWarsGalaxies

November 29, 2021 — SWG:Legends (@SWGLegendsStaff)


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The “star wars galaxies servers 2020” is the upcoming release of a new server for the game. The update will include a revamped Smuggler slicing and weapon freedom of skin system.

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