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What is a PVC Card Used For? Everything You Need To Know

PVC cards are an indispensable part of today’s businesses. From ID badges to payment processing, these cards offer organisations a plethora of uses.

PVC cards are made from polyvinyl chloride, used in plastic food containers, plumbing, raincoats, and more. They’re also super affordable and durable.

This article will list the different uses of PVC cards that businesses can use to make their operations more secure and efficient.

Access Control

Companies commonly use PVC cards to control access to specific areas or buildings. Many workplaces give employees PVC ID badges, which can have features that limit entrance to specific places on the premises.

The cards can contain barcodes, magnetic stripes, or smart chips to interact with the access control systems.

Payment Cards

Finance and banking organisations use PVC cards to issue credit, debit, and gift cards.

These cards have a perfectly printable surface for printing bank branding, card numbers, and customisation elements.

The durability of PVC cards also makes them suitable for easy carrying around and being used for payments efficiently.

Membership Cards

PVC cards are suitable for making membership cards for clubs, gyms, libraries, and other establishments. To recognize members ‘ details, they can be printed with branding features such as logos or names, ID numbers, and barcodes.


PVC cards unlock facilities and provide benefits like member discounts and loyalty/rewards programs.

Transportation Passes

Stored-value passes or reloadable transit cards, used in transit systems worldwide, are often based on PVC cards.

Travellers can tap or scan these to pay fares and change between different modes of public transport, such as metro, buses, trains, ferries, and more.

The big benefit? These cards last long, even with frequent use over months and years of daily travel.

Loyalty Cards

Businesses often issue loyalty cards to reward and retain loyal customers for a long time. These cards are often PVC cards, which customers can swipe, scan, or tap to enjoy the benefits of the respective business.

For instance, a supermarket brand could issue a loyalty card and give reward points. With each transaction, the customer earns some points they can redeem later. This strategy attracts customers to shop more with the business!

Healthcare Cards

Healthcare organisations use PVC cards to make patient and staff ID cards.


It is essential to have sturdy cards that can be swiped or scanned for correct identification, looking at medical files, and controlling access into areas.

Event Passes/Tickets

Event management companies use PVC cards to issue admission passes, tickets, VIP passes, and badge holders for concerts, conferences, conventions, and tradeshows.

The toughness of PVC and its printing abilities make it worthwhile for gathering passes and controlling entry.

Final Words on PVC Cards for Businesses

These are some of the ways businesses use PVC cards in their operations. As discussed above, whether an organisation is small or big, it needs a PVC card for various uses.

Businesses can save money with PVC cards as they last a long time, are easy to print, and work well for ID, access entry cards, payment, and promotional purposes.