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Predicting the new Top 10 in college football rankings after Week 5

College football is an exciting time of year, and Week 5 was no different. This week saw the first ever game between two top 10 teams in Alabama and Clemson, which resulted in a thrilling victory for the Tigers. The Top 10 has also seen some shakeups with Oklahoma losing its first game to West Virginia, but Florida State still holding strong at number one.

The cfb rankings is a ranking of college football teams. This week, the top 10 teams are ranked 1-10. After Week 5, we can expect that the new Top 10 will be released on October 12th.


Week 5 of the college football season is in the books, and there were plenty of unexpected outcomes and finishes that will alter the picture in the coming weeks. Following Saturday’s turmoil, let’s forecast the new top 10 in college football rankings for the future.

Rankings for college football


1.) The state of Alabama (5-0)

Nick Saban has never lost a game against one of his former assistant coaches. Alabama extended its winning run on Saturday, defeating Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss 42-21.

In a game when Alabama was favored by 14.5, the Crimson Tide led 35-0 at one point, but many believed Ole Miss had a chance to pull off a surprise.

When Alabama’s defense stuffed Ole Miss on a 4th down from within the five yard line on the first possession of the game, the momentum appeared to change. After that, Alabama stormed down the field, scored, and coasted the rest of the way.

In our college football rankings, Alabama remains at the top.

Georgia is number two (5-0)

Kirby Smart’s Georgia Bulldogs steamrolled No. 8 Arkansas in a game that many expected to be close despite the oddsmakers’ predictions (Georgia closed as a 16.5 point favorite).

Georgia’s starting defense has yet to allow a score this season. That’s amazing in a five-game sample size. The defense’s lone score of the season came in the fourth quarter against South Carolina in Week 3.

Georgia kicked Arkansas in the mouth early in the game, despite the fact that starting quarterback JT Daniels was out due to a lat injury. To be honest, it didn’t matter who was at quarterback for the Bulldogs since they ran it down the Razorbacks’ necks all day, winning 37-0.

Georgia’s next game will be against Auburn, which will be an interesting battle. For the time being, they are ranked second in our college football poll, and there seems to be a clear divide between Alabama and Georgia and the rest of the nation.

3.) Penn State University (5-0)

The Indiana Hoosiers were no match for Penn State, who defeated them 24-0 in Happy Valley on Saturday night. Due to Oregon’s overtime defeat against Stanford, the Nittany Lions move up a place in the rankings.

Despite victories against Wisconsin (which is becoming less spectacular as the weeks go on) and at home versus Auburn, the jury is still out on Penn State.

The Nittany Lions are a team that relies heavily on defense, and they have a huge game against Iowa coming up in Week 6.

4.) The state of Iowa (5-0)

When it came to the Iowa Hawkeyes, they were just a three-point favorite on the road against Maryland on Friday night. Terps supporters are still having nightmares about what occurred after that.

Iowa recorded six interceptions against Maryland, as Kirk Ferentz’s defense and offense cruised right out of the gate. Maryland never posed a threat to the Hawkeyes, who won 51-14.

Spencer Petras had his finest game of the season, throwing for three touchdowns and adding two more on quarterback sneaks.

In Week 6, the game versus Penn State will have a significant impact on the playoff picture.

Cincinnati (No. 5) (4-0)

Even if Cincinnati continues winning, this may change in the future, but for now, they are ranked No. 5 in our college football rankings.

Cincinnati traveled to South Bend, Indiana, and humiliated Notre Dame. The Bearcats led 17-0 at halftime, and despite a late rally by the Fighting Irish, the Bearcats prevailed 24-13 on the road.

Even when Notre Dame made their comeback and brought the score to 17-13, it never seemed like they were going to win.

It was a landmark victory for Cincinnati, and the Bearcats have a relatively easy schedule the rest of the way, with one club from the American Athletic Conference after another.

The Bearcats will attempt to join the postseason party, but despite victories over Indiana and Notre Dame, their remaining schedule, even if they blast through it, may keep them back in the end.

6.) The state of Oklahoma (5-0)

There’s still something about the Sooners that doesn’t seem quite right. Yes, they defeated Kansas State 37-31, but Oklahoma hasn’t been very convincing so far this season.

Fans’ increasing disdain for quarterback Spencer Rattler, as well as the Sooners’ season, has been strange. Nobody would have believed it if someone had said Oklahoma would start the season 5-0. Many people are concerned about how they arrived at that point.

Our college football rankings keep them at No. 6, and they’ll prepare for the ultimate rivalry game against Texas in Week 6.

7.) The state of Oregon (4-1)

Stanford always seems to give Oregon fits, no matter how good or terrible they are in a given year.

In Week 5, the Cardinal had one opportunity after another on the game’s last drive to push it to overtime, which they accomplished, winning 31-24 in the extra session.

It’s the same old tale in the Pac 12, which seems like it’ll be without a postseason team for another year.

Oregon has dropped to No. 7 in our playoff rankings and will need to run the table and get some assistance to finish in the top four.

8.) The state of Michigan (5-0)

Jim Harbaugh’s team makes the greatest leap in our college football rankings projections, rising from 14th to eighth place.

On Saturday, Michigan defeated Wisconsin 38-17 in Madison.

Wisconsin isn’t very excellent (1-3 to begin the season), but the manner in which Michigan triumphed has many thinking that they can keep the train rolling ahead.

We’ve seen Michigan tease before, and it’s been a long time since we’ve seen it, so approach with care.

For the time being, they are ranked No. 8 in our college football rankings.

Ohio State (9.) (4-1)

Because of the head-to-head defeat, Ohio State remains in second place.

In Week 5, the Buckeyes piled up 45 points in the first half alone against Rutgers, winning 52-13.

As Ohio State begins to climb back up the college football rankings, there isn’t much more to say.

10.) Brigham Young University (5-0)

Let’s show BYU some love!

They are currently 5-0, with victories against Arizona, Utah, Arizona State, and Utah State on the road.

Although it isn’t the SEC or B1G, BYU’s ability to navigate through the chaos and go 5-0 is remarkable.

BYU still has a lot of exciting games ahead of them. They still have games against Baylor, USC, and Washington State, as well as home games against Boise State and Virginia. If they can keep the table running, the independent school’s timetable is extremely interesting. To finish up our college football rankings, they come in at No. 10.



The ap top 25 football 2021 is a prediction of the new Top 10 in college football rankings after Week 5.

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