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Death’s Door game review: A must-play Xbox exclusive

We have seen a number of Xbox One exclusives being released in the past year, and one that has been a big hit is the Death’s Door game. This is a horror title from developer Coffee Stain Studios, and is part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

Death’s Door is a first-person adventure game by Playdead, the studio behind the critically acclaimed and award-winning INSIDE and LIMBO . The game follows a character named ‘The Kid’ as he attempts to save his sister from a mysterious illness. The game will be available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 8.

Jake Russell was an up and coming race car driver. That is until one race, when he crashed and suffered a brain injury. Now, even though he understands what was going on, he can’t remember. The result is a world where he is not sure what happened, and where everyone questions his involvement in the crash that ruined his career and took his friends and family away from him.


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  • Death’s Door is an excellent action-adventure game that has fluid fighting.
  • It takes place in a dark environment, but the eccentric characters make it humorous and entertaining.
  • It’s beautiful to look at and much nicer to hear.
  • Completionists will have a blast completing it 100 percent, but it won’t be easy.


Death’s Door is a near-perfect action-adventure in which you take on the role of a soul-reaping crow. You’ll travel through gorgeous landscapes, battle swarms of foes and huge monsters, and discover new powers that uncover new hidden mysteries along the way.

While the game begins in a similar manner to many of our working days, with you riding public transportation to your office building, Death’s Door quickly breaks through the black-and-white boundaries of bureaucracy and sends you on a quest for souls.

You take on the role of a tiny crow charged with tracking down wayward souls that refuse to enter the hereafter. For each successful deal, your own expiry date is extended in exchange for your efforts. The sands in the hourglass begin to trickle down again as soon as a fresh one begins.

Reap souls to live longer.

1629124840_483_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveIf you dig three holes and fill them with water, what do you get?

Unfortunately for our black-feathered hero, the first soul you’re entrusted with collecting is kidnapped by an older crow, who sends you on an odyssey across colorful realms to locate and destroy three gigantic souls by throwing it through the eponymous Death’s Door.

These colossal souls are creatures that have tried everything to avoid death and live as long as possible, and they aren’t going down without a fight.

What I really like about some of them is how they crop up when you’re on your way to the eventual boss battle. Some will tease you or try to frighten you away, while others will want to negotiate with you or explain their motives. They’re not only there to offer you a challenge, but they also help make the world seem lived in.

Boss battles seem to be a reward.

1629124841_597_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveThis introduction adds 500 subtitles for the Frog King in-game, which I won’t reveal here.

The boss-fights are easily the highlights of the game for me. Not because the rest is disappointing, far from it, but because they change up the gameplay from a standard hack & slash to a more methodical approach where you learn their patterns, dodge out of the way and strike only when you see an opening.

The King Frog boss battle stuck out to me, with him breaking or tilting the platform you’re standing on and then striking it with his mace to restore it and give you some breathing space.

🏆 I’ll even throw you a free tip here for achievement hunters: when he performs his inhaling assault, toss a bomb in his mouth. It’s a non-negotiable accomplishment, so don’t bother with it. You’ll have to restart the game. The Witch battle and striking her with a fire spell are the same! – Thank you very much!

It’s a visual and auditory delight!

1629124842_846_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveUltraviolent light is similar to lasers.

The boss fights in Death’s Door are also visual marvels, with incredible animations and effects. Even after just a brief time playing the game, you can see there was a lot of attention to detail put into it.

When clouds pass above, they throw shadows on the floor, vanquished opponents leave shattered shards or bloody prints on the floor, and there are even little details like as losing a few feathers after a dodge-roll… That’s simply the visual aspect of it!

1629124842_554_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveIt was a bloodbath.

It’s really amazing how well the audio has been integrated, and I’m not just referring about David Fenn’s incredible soundtrack, which more than deserves all of the acclaim it’s received.

When you start to notice things like the witch’s basement level moving in time with the music, it’s very amazing. The platforms pulsate in time with the background music, creating a totally unforgettable experience.

1629124843_179_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveWhen you’ve eaten one too many bowls of chili for lunch…

In Death’s Door, the normal opponents are no pushovers either. You start with four health crystals, which means you can only be struck three times before being sent to the final door or the beginning of the level.

There are no healing potions here, but there are 50 seeds and plant pots strewn around the planets, and planting a seed will restore your whole health.

Another Achievement tip: don’t hoard the seeds; instead, sow them as soon as can. Finding all 50 of them will get you an accomplishment, and it will also play a role in the hidden True Ending, but more on that later.

But be warned: no matter how cautious you are, you will die a lot at Death’s Door.

1629124844_121_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveExpect to view this screen many times.

Thankfully, it’s not as harsh as a Dark Souls game, and you’ll retain all of the souls you gather, which you may use to improve your skills like physical strength, dodge rolls, and magic attacks.

To add to the analogy, the labyrinthine stages become simpler to traverse as you advance, with ladders lengthening and gates permanently opening once you locate the right lever.

It’s always been enthralling how constructing a shortcut can feel nearly as good as achieving a goal like unlocking new skills.

In relation to that…

Powerful skills must be acquired.

Much of the game’s development hinges on gaining new skills and mastering them. They can all be utilized in battle, but their primary use rests in their ability to unlock new pathways or assist you in solving riddles.

Some of the concepts will be familiar to anybody who has played a Zelda game, such as firing your arrows across a fire to light a distant torch or blowing a hole in a cracked wall to disclose a hidden secret. The legendary Hookshot is the final one you’ll unlock.

These, on the other hand, aren’t simply handed to you; you’ll have to work for them. Chest mimics will swallow you whole, and you’ll be confronted with difficult waves of foes within. Do you want to update them in the future? Prepare to confront even more difficult mid-bosses.

In battle, you can’t depend only on your ranged skills. You only get a few uses out of them, so get up up and personal with opponents and land a few physical blows with your sword to replenish your ability crystals. It provides a fun risk-reward gaming situation.

It’s not pleasant to become lost.

While it’s understandably aggravating to die in battle, you’re typically the only one to blame. My main annoyance with the game stems from one of its strong strengths, notably exploring.

When you go back to earlier areas in games with new skills and can now reach places you couldn’t before, it’s a well-known dopamine release. However, with the isometric viewpoint concealing certain routes and teasing impassable ones just outside the camera’s grasp, remembering all of them may be difficult.

I kept a notepad next to me while playing since there isn’t a map that indicates collectibles you may have missed, but fortunately, a kind squid (posing as a human restaurant owner) will give you with helpful tips later on.

1629124844_588_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveThat’s ink-credibly useful information!

Death’s Door isn’t afraid to be goofy, and I like that about it. The atmosphere created by serious themes like death and the afterlife never becomes too broody since the humorous material is evenly distributed throughout the game, from a figure with a pot for a head to the squid above trying to be a human.

Upgrades are being sought.

You’d be wise to seek out all of these secrets as well. While the “Shiny Things” are only helpful for a certain goal, they do provide you with some interesting history.

More significantly, there are 16 secret shrines to discover, each of which rewards you with a crystal shard, four of which enhance your health or the number of times you may perform a spell.

You may also equip a number of weapons, like a thunder-casting hammer, agile and fast daggers, and my personal favorite, the slow but powerful Greatsword.

Completionists, on the other hand, should stick to the Umbrella you discover in the beginning, as there is an award for just using this wacky weapon that only does half the damage your normal sword does.

1629124845_563_Deaths-Door-game-review-A-must-play-Xbox-exclusiveHere’s where I keep my weapon. Isn’t it fantastic?

But just when you think you’ve figured out the majority of the puzzles and have watched the credits roll… You’re barely halfway through.

It’s time for round two.

That’s correct. When you defeat Death’s Door’s last boss, you’ll discover he drops a key. The key unlocks a door to a belltower you couldn’t access before, and when you ring the bell…

The world darkens, and you find yourself playing at night. This will drain the water level in certain levels and expose secret platforms that you can now walk on in others.

You’ll have to retrace your steps and finish the game properly if you want to discover all seven tablets that unlock the True Ending. I stated previously that I have 50 seed pots. One of the tablets is hidden behind a door that can only be opened after all of the tablets have been found.

I can imagine some people rolling their eyes at this, but for someone like me, the completionist road Death’s Door leads you down is one that’s full of rewards, and I can honestly say it’s been one of the most gratifying games to try to 100% * complete.

*This took me about 15 hours, as you can see in the picture below. However, bear in mind that a significant portion of that time was spent getting lost.


Last words on Death’s Door

Pros It’s challenging yet enjoyable. The music is amazing. There are many mysteries to be discovered Cons There is no map or task list. Unforgettable accomplishments

Final Rating: 4.5/5

Death’s Door is a fantastic example of what an independent company can do with the proper resources. It incorporates aspects from well-known franchises like as The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, but does so in a way that allows it to stand alone as a distinct experience. It will test your limitations, but it will be so gratifying that you will want to keep trying until you achieve.

The game feels great in the moment, the funny characters prevent the tone from becoming too depressing, and the right combination of visual attention to detail and a terrific music makes this an easy game to recommend.

Death’s Door is available for €19.99 for PC and Xbox systems. While it doesn’t push the Xbox Series X to its limitations, it looks, plays, and sounds great and should be regarded a must-play for any Xbox Series X owners.

*Disclaimer: This review was conducted on an Xbox Series X. The publisher supplied a review copy.

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Death’s Door is an Xbox exclusive horror game set in a mysterious mansion, and it’s one of those games that you can’t play for more than an hour without getting creeped out.. Read more about death’s door xbox game pass and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Deaths Door exclusive?

Yes, it is a limited edition.

Is deaths door difficult?

Deaths door is a difficult level, but it is not the hardest in the game.

How much is deaths door on Xbox?

The price of the game is $19.99 USD on Xbox One, and it is currently not available for purchase on any other platform.

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